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Zoie & Kyler


Where Hope Finds a Home.

Zoie is a magical old-soul, creative and kind, loving and loyal. She's a deep thinker and problem-solver: her creativity unfolds with her eagerness to help others. You can find her sketching or singing or writing stories. Her little brother Kyler is a mover and shaker. He loves being active and interacting with others. His favorite sport is soccer, but he also loves throwing, catching and swimming. Together these close siblings share a love of animals, compassion for others, and, as Kyler explains, "a love language of giving." In school, Zoie's favorite subjects cover the whole spectrum: math, science, theater and art. She is proud of making straight A's in middle school. Zoie's goal this year is to "find the people who love and care about me, for me." This year she learned how to "cherish and appreciate more", and her perfect day would be any day with all the people she loves. In Zoie's own words, "I'd do anything for the ones I love and care about. I'm good with animals and love small children. I treat everyone with kindness, but sometimes have trouble loving myself and thinking about how I feel." Kyler's favorite subjects at school are Math and PE. His three favorite things about himself are "that I like to try new things, that I like to be active outdoors, and that I think of my sisters first." Kyler wants to be a soccer player or firefighter when he grows up. Kyler is a people-pleaser, interactive with all ages, engaging and "excited to play with everyone." As his caregivers explain, "Kyler wants to soak up as much as he can from the adults around him, enjoys other kids, desires to be a part of a family and have a sense of normal life." Kyler, too, looks at the world with a compassionate eye. This year his goal is "to help people more" and his ideal day would be helping the homeless – before flying off to Hawaii with "everyone he loves" for fun in the sun! Zoie and Kyler are looking for a "trustworthy", active, pet-loving family. They hope to stay in Tampa to be near their two big sisters. Although both are initially shy with adults, both quickly engage as they're searching for connections and support from adult role models. As Zoie sums up for both of them, they're open to any dynamic if it means a forever family: "I do not mind so much as long as my little brother and I are together, safe, and loved."


If a child in foster care is in the Heart Gallery, reunification with their biological family was not possible so an adoptive family is needed. Most Heart Gallery children are at least 9 years old, part of a sibling group, and/or have special needs. All children in foster care have experienced abuse, abandonment, and/or neglect; therefore, need support to heal from the trauma they have experienced.

All children are different, with a variety of unique strengths and needs so all types of families are needed. In Florida, you must be at least 21 to adopt a child from foster care. There are no restrictions based on age, race, marital status, or sexual orientation. You may live in a home or apartment that you own or rent. Adoptive parents must have a stable income sufficient to support their family.

In Florida, there is no cost to adopt a child from foster care. In fact, families who adopt may qualify for a monthly adoption subsidy. Health care for children adopted from foster care is covered by Medicaid until age 18. They also receive free tuition at any Florida state college, university, or vocational school. Federal tax credits and exemptions may also be available. Visit the IRS website to learn more.

Prospective adoptive parents must complete Adoption Orientation, a 36-hour Professional Parenting course, have an approved home study, and approved background screenings. Most importantly, you must be willing to make a lifelong commitment to a child in need.

Yes. One of the benefits of adopting from Florida is having access to a comprehensive case history. You will be given information on the child’s background, medical history, and personality. This information helps you determine if your family is the right fit for the child.

This can vary greatly depending on the situation. However, as a general rule, it usually takes about 12 months from the time a family begins training to the time when a child is placed with the family.

Yes! Your approved home study should be accepted by any child welfare agency. Each circumstance will be assessed to determine if it is appropriate for a child to move out of state. Keep in mind these adoptions can be more complex and take longer, depending on the case.

Adoptions appear to be more stable when parents have flexible and realistic expectations for their children and when they use post-adoption supports to help with challenges.

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